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Gail L. - 5 stars
I've been going to Dr Bob for several years now. It was so nice to finally find a Dentist who really believed I had issues with pain when visiting my other many dentist since I was a child. I have had many horror stories , I was always made to feel bad or something I was making up, the fear built up over the years. I came close to not ever going to the dentist again. Luckily I took one more chance and took a large leap of faith. I still need lots of work from the crummy dental work over the years, but step by step it will get done with Dr Bob.
Thank you.

David S. - 5 stars
Just by telling you that I have been one of Dr Bob's patients for the past 22 years should give you some indication of my loyalty to Dr. Bob and his staff. I have had different hygienists, but Dr. Bob and Claire have been there to make all of my visits great experiences, their great senses of humor, attention to detail and warm and caring friendship keeps me coming back and sharing the experiences with my family who are all his patients.

John T. - 5 stars
I've been visiting Dr. Bob and the Hughes Dental Group office for many years now and I have to admit they are hands down the best in the business. I found out about them through a flyer and left my previous dentist who wasn't so great, but Dr. Bob and all his staff are super friendly and take care of me and my teeth. They have been nothing short of amazing in all my cleanings, including past tooth extractions (wisdom teeth) and fillings. I told my wife about them and she has been going here for many years as well now. As long as we live in the area, we will always be their customer. Thank you Dr. Bob and team for always treating us like great customers. Keep up the great work!

Carri D. - 5 stars
We found Dr. Hughes and the dream team by referral from a co worker and love it here. We have been coming to Dr. Hughes for about 6 years, I am terrified of the dentist and spent many tearful sessions that the office staff empathetic endured. My husband has nearly perfect teeth so he has been an easy patient, it makes up for how awful I WAS. Now through their gentle, compassionate and comforting style, I am no longer in tears. The accommodations for EVERY patient is at a service level above any other dentist in the area, believe me we made that mistake. Dr. Bob has had to remove all of my fillings and replace them with composite, crown and completely restore my ugly black fillings and cracked painful teeth. I love my crowns they are all beautiful white and no metal band at the gum line like other dentist's. I was once told not to laugh with my mouth open, now when I do, I think of all of my beautiful white teeth. Thank you Dr Bob, Claire and the wonderful folks whom have reduced if not removed my anxiety from childhood dental work. I have that beautiful smile I have always wanted!

Hannah H. - 5 stars
If you are looking for a dentist in the Everett area, please take the time to come meet Dr. Hughes and his team. I went on recommendation from a friend of mine and have been very happy with how easy my first appointment went even though I am normally terrified of the dentist. I don't dread going back, which is a big deal. Props to the team for making me feel comfortable.

Geoff W. - 5 stars 
I love Dr Bob and the staff. They have treated me with absolute professionalism and the greatest of Compassion. Gigi, Claire and Danielle are awesome. Dr. Bob is the best. I have always had the best experience when I go in. The staff has always been very accommodating and they are the best!

Devery R. - 5 stars 
We have been seeing Dr. Hughes and Staff for over 10 years. They take such good care of us every single time we go.They are caring and a pleasure to visit. They have state of the art technology that seems to make our appointments so much shorter. I also wanted to thank them specifically for my daughter who has had extra dental and cosmetic work done. They were so kind and patient with her and made her feel like a million bucks again after breaking both front teeth. Completely high class business that no one should ever hesitate to visit. Thank you so much!

Sabrina S. - 5 stars 
I chose Hughes Dental as my new dental office because they had good reviews, they were close to home, and my insurance provider was accepted.
Upon my first visit, I got preventive care which included basic cleaning and x-rays. I visited Hughes again in December for another 6 month check up. I had been experiencing HORRIBLE staining on my teeth - as though I was a heavy smoker and coffee drinker (I am neither of those). Before I could even try to explain or guess what was causing the problem, my hygienist asked me if I was using a Crest Pro-Health mouth rinse. To my utter shock, she was correct in her guess. This mouth rinse was staining my teeth to the point I was embarrassed to open my mouth and smile! I had to get a teeth cleaning that was only partly covered by my insurance - I believe my out of pocket expense was roughly $70.00 - but it was 100% worth it. My ugly stains were gone after an hour of intense cleaning, and I am sure grateful. My teeth are back to their pearly white status!
I've only ever had a positive experience at this dental office, and with regards to fees being charged - a patient must be their own advocate when it comes to inquiring about costs. I was always informed of when something may be out of pocket, or else I asked if I was concerned. I believe they only want to provide the best possible care, and as such, they will recommend treatment that would be of a real benefit to the patient.
PS: In Canada where I am originally from, I had never had a dental treatment where laughing gas was offered - so I always "toughed it out" during my Canadian appointments. Fortunately, I am not afraid of the dentist. BUT - finding out that you can get laughing gas here for any treatment (complimentary!) is a bonus - it's like going on a mini vacation. And if I can go on a mini vacation while in the dentist's chair, I'll take it!

Thomas K. - 5 stars 
Dr. Bob Hughes and his team of providers and clinical staff exhibit modern training, excellent clinical skills and produce excellent results for their patients over and over again. As a practicing periodontist I've had the pleasure of working with them for two years. Highly recommended for their well trained team and excellent doctors.

Anthony L. - 5 stars 
After having a bad experience at another dentist I finally settled on Hughes and have been going there for over two years, All of their dental work has been excellent, they are very concerned with your comfort and everyone has been friendly. I take my entire family here and have recommended it to many of my friends.